Affordable Flame Hashira Sword For Kyojuro Rengoku Cosplayer

If cosplaying is one of your favorite hobbies, then you must be cosplaying a popular anime character. No matter what the gender is, as long as you love the character, you can cosplay by wearing the proper costume of the anime. Cosplaying the character of the Flame Hashira can be so much to be proud of.

Rengoku Nichirin Blade is available to buy online. It is made from metal that makes it realistic. Carrying the katana of Kyojuro feels like you are the character. Make your cosplay costume look real-like the Flame Hashira. Buy it online and avail the discounted price of the sword.

Check out the discounted price of the Nichirin blade and use it when you are joining a cosplay costume.

Shop for Flame Hashira cosplay

There are so many things to think of Flame Hashira’s costume. You will have the clothing and the accessories to make you look the same. With all the available items, your cosplaying can become complete. Shop for the high-quality sword of Kyojuro and proudly show to the crowd how you look the same with the character.

The beautiful sword of Rengoku is available and offered at 38,99$. It means that the price had been lessened for the player’s opportunity to get theirs. Not all players can afford the said pricing, which is why the online cosplay costumes lowered the prices for the buyers’ demand.

The fire-looking blade is a total description of the Flame Hashira. It shows how raging the sword is, being as the fire demon slayer, the katana must be inspired with his gold and red tips hair color. Play the character of Kyojuro Rengoku with your best katana.

The Nichirin sword of Kyojuro

What else do you expect from the sword of Kyojuro? The same as the other swords of Hashiras, it is forged from a unique ore. But, it differs in the colors as each sword is inspired by the color of the demon slayer’s hair who owned the katana. The Nichirin sword of Kyojuro is not offered to all cosplayers out there.

The gold and red iris of Kyojuro match the color of the blade. So, if you are going to cosplay the Flame Hashira, you must look for the same color of iris from an optical clinic’s fashion contact lens. In this way, the total transformation of the fire demon slayer can become successful.

Order and free delivery

Kyojuro’s sword is not only available online but also can be delivered to your doors. Once you shop and order it online, you will receive the same look as what you see online. Like any other katana, the Flame Hashira’s sword is 100% forged and crafted.

If you are a fan of Kyojuro Rengoku, you can shop and buy a replica of the katana. It is very realistic and feels like you are carrying a real sword. Practice now on how to project as the fire demon slayer and show how you bring the costume.

Have it ordered online and enjoy free delivery.

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