Flower Girl Dresses

The flower girl festival originates from the Roman Empire. Currently, over 50% of today’s world practices this tradition. Usually, a flower girl should wear a tea-length dress. If this is unavailable, a ball gown dress can still do. The dress should be very festive and beautiful to wear at an event.

The dress resembles a mini version of the bride’s gown. It can be either white or ivory in color since most brides choose these colors for weddings. These colors usually symbolize the sweetness and purity of the bride. This article highlights the critical things to consider when choosing a flower girl’s dress.

Essential Tips to Consider When Choosing the Flower Girl Dress

Involve the flower girl and her parents when choosing the dress. The girl is much likely to feel excited and accept any dress idea. However, the girl’s parents/guardians should be consulted to ensure that the dress is comfortable and appropriate for their child.

Involve the flower girl when purchasing the dress. Ask for her opinions and respect them. Ensure she loves the dress and buys it together.

Buy an age-appropriate outfit. Besides marching with the wedding gown and theme, its size should also match the youngster’s age. The girl should also go for fittings to ensure that the dress is comfortable. This will also save your ceremony from minor embarrassments like tugging and tripping.

Choose a dress that matches the wedding theme and season. For example, if the wedding is a Victorian or a country one, an inspired hippie resemblance will seem awkward. In addition, choose a dress with thick and long sleeves ii the wedding is being done in a winter season. Similarly, if the wedding season is summer, you might consider purchasing a thin and more petite-weight outfit.

Choose a less tight dress. You are aiming to make the girl feel relaxed when walking in the aisle. A much tight dress may constrain her to breathe or make her look much older. Some girls won’t even be familiar with walking in a dress, and in that case, choose a fitting outfit that will be comfortable for the girl.

Choose a high-quality material dress. This is the most significant consideration to make since the material will determine the dress’s lifespan. Besides, some fabrics bring much discomfort like itching and skin rashes. Also, ensure that the fabric weight corresponds with the season’s temperature.

Fabric Options for Flower Girl Dresses

–         Satin; Popular, affordable, high-quality flower girl dresses are made of Satin. The fabric will give you a seamless experience

–         Silk; Silk fabric dress is an excellent choice as it looks comfortable. However, it is costly and much weak; thus, it tears off easily

–         Tulle; The fabric is ideal when you want the flower girl to have a princess-like look. Tulle will be even much perfect when worn with a ballerina’s tutu

Consider purchasing the dress a couple of weeks before the wedding takes place. This way, you will have much time to make any necessary adjustments to the dress if it does not fit the girl perfectly. Choose a comfortable pair of footwear for the girl to wear alongside the dress.


These tips will surely assist you in purchasing the best flower girl dresses that will make your wedding much lively. All in all, ensure the dress makes the youngster feel special and appreciated. She is likely to be confident in the entire wedding activities when wearing the dress that she fancied.

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