Guide to Identify a Fake Diamond by Luxuria Diamonds

You may love to own jewellery or have a collection of it and want to know if the jewellery you own or real or not. Well, Luxuria Diamonds can help you out by letting you know certain tricks with which you can ensure whether the jewellery you own is real or not. If you have jewellery pieces at home or have got some from your ancestors and now you wish to verify those, this article will provide you with some at-home tests. If you have diamond jewellery and are unaware of the diamond structure and components, you can confuse between a gemstone and a real diamond.

The water tests

You can carry on this simple test at home if you have any doubt regarding your diamond jewellery or other ancestral jewellery. This test can guide you to know whether you own a real diamond or not. All you need to do is find a drinking glass of normal size and, after that, fill about 3/4th of the glass with water. After you are done with the setting, carefully drop the stone in the water. Now, if the gemstone sinks, know that it is a real diamond. On the other hand, if it floats on the surface or underneath the water, it is a fake one.

Setting and mount test

If you have your diamond already placed in the ring before testing, look at the setting and mount it shows. As you know, the price of a real diamond is more than the fake one, a real diamond will always be set in high-quality jewellery. For instance, a real diamond will be set in materials such as platinum, white gold, pave, side stone, yellow gold setting as well as a halo setting rings. Also, you can look for any centre marking to ensure whether it is real or not. For instance, the note of 10K, 14K, 18K indicates the type of gold being used. If you see the C.Z stamp, the diamond is a fake one.

The heat tests

As you know, diamonds are made up of strong materials and therefore will be unresponsive to any kind of high heat. In order to carry on with this test, you need to take a drinking glass and fill it with cold water. After that, held the stone with the help of fireproof gloves and heat it with a lighter for about 40 seconds and drop it directly into the glass of cold water. If then the stone shatters, it is not a real diamond. If it is a real diamond, it can withstand the heat and will not be affected by the changing temperature.

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