How to Dress for the First Date?

Ah… The 1st date… A tasty mix of stress and excitement, the lady love often wants to seduce and leaves a good impression. But there you have it… You sometimes forget the essential: to remain oneself! Dress to please the other’s eyes: yes, but stay natural: too. No low-cut dress or cleverly chosen accessory will succeed in dethroning the spontaneous charm that you exude when you are comfortable and dressed in a style that reflects your personality. Casual, bohemian, minimalist or rock version… Discover without delay 4 ideas of looks that will naturally boost your potential seduction, without increasing the pressure!

  1. Romantic and bohemian

Light and airy, the flowery skater skirt is the absolute weapon of romantic fans. Glamorous without being too daring, discreet without being timid, it is a pledge of freshness and femininity. Expert advice? Opt for a sober model, but raised with colourful notes, and associate it with a coral top, selected from best women’s fashion tops, in the same tones and with a V-neck to enhance the neckline. Accessorized with a grey suede tassel bag, this bohemian and feminine outfit will be easily tamed!

  1. Minimalist and classic

Fans of a sober and minimalist look? Opt without hesitation for a plain but multi-coloured dress! If the classic little black dress remains a safe bet, adding a touch of colour will both play down a situation that can sometimes be a source of stress, while sporting a classic, but sought-after outfit. At Ninacloack? You literally fall for the combination of cheap trendy women’s clothing with discreet scarf and stylish pants. It’s your turn!

  1. Casual and street

Because you can be both street and girly at the same time, the glam-relaxed style is an option not to be overlooked. If you leave the XXL hoodie in the closet, play the mix and match card, twisting traditional streetwear codes with feminine notes. The right look? A pine green imitation skirt, for a touch of character, a sailor top, for the casual side, and a black blazer, to tone things down. What about the street note? Put on a pair of white sneakers without hesitation!

If you don’t have stylish tops to pair with chinos or jeans, look for women’s fashion tops from online clothing websites. First have an idea about the top style that will suit your body shape, then start your search for cheap trendy women’s clothing. A lot of reputed clothing websites offer stylish clothes for women that you can have for your first date. All you need is to pick the best one for yourself!

  1. Glam and rock

Want to assert your rockabilly side? Tempered and precisely worked, the rock look will become one of your best allies to ensure a date while being in the game. The idea? Feminize this style by opting for a perfecto, yes, but a coloured perfecto in tangy green suede. With dark grey denim, a tied white top, ankle boots or pumps, you are perfectly prepared to claim your personality with style and femininity.

Now that you have no shortage of inspiration with these 4 trendy looks, make your happiness your only concern!

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