What Are Full Spectrum CBD Products that contains all natural CBD?

In order to qualify as a legal dietary supplement, many companies must include at least some CBD in their products. This can be difficult to locate in many dietary supplements. Commonly, products are offered with a list of “key ingredients” and the word “cannabis”. But what is meant by “natural”? In this article we will explain what it means when a company states their products contain all natural CBD.

A lotion that contains only CBD can be very misleading. Natural, full-spectrum CBD products mean that an oil or topical product has all of the natural Cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plants. Good quality full-spectrum CBD products are often very high in CBD, with very little amounts of THC, and very low levels of other minor Cannabinoids. These include appetite suppressants, anti-cancer agents, antibacterial agents, and antiviral compounds.

Most companies will not indicate which Cannabinoid levels are in their products, but you can get this information by asking for a molecular identification, called a “phytochemical analysis”. This method is accurate, but it is tedious and expensive. Also, some of the chemicals used for this analysis are gases or aerosols, so it is not possible to perform this service at a home lab.

You need to order a sample from a testing laboratory to obtain a true analytical report. However, if your supplier has a good reputation, or you see the logo on a website that is reputable, you should be able to have the results you need without having to pay for the testing.

Many companies choose to use the term “all natural” when they are referring to pure Marijuana and THC, even though that is not technically true. The term “all natural” can be a misleading term, because not all “natural” foods are actually all natural!  Check https://syncronicityhempoil.com to know more about Synchronicity hemp oil.

Even among “natural” foods, some contain artificial additives, preservatives, synthetic vitamins and minerals, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings, or other artificial ingredients. This is one reason why many types of Full Spectrum CBD products contain only Terpenes, which are plant derived.

While most vaporizers do not contain Terpenes, they are an important ingredient for many types of Full Spectrum CBD products. In vaporizing cannabis, some of the terpenes are released through smoke. By inhaling vapors, you avoid this release of terpenes, which is not good for your lungs. With a Full Spectrum CBD product, you avoid the risks of inhaling all of that plant material. By avoiding all of the chemical agents, you get a safer product, which will help you maintain your health.

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